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Doctor Raven Sable // Famine
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“Sable grinned, the honest, open grin that goes with job satisfaction, perfect and pure. He was just killing time until the main event, but he was killing it in such exquisite ways. Time, and sometimes people.”

Name: Famine
Alias: Dr. Raven Sable. Black.
Fandom: Good Omens.
Mun: Lorena.

Age: “Officially” in his early thirties.
Species: Apocalyptic Horseperson Horseman.
Real Job: Bring hunger and malnutrition (eventually death) to the world.
Hobbies: Diet specialist & thrusting, well-known businessman in the gastronomic area. Owner of Black Scales FOODS in Milieux.
NPC: Frannie, his accountant.

Black Scales FOODS information

That’ll be his car. Pretend it looks new? *coughs* Thanks to Jade-mod for the pic ♥!

Location: Park. Abby Rd and Thunder Rd.
Important note: None, I repeat, none of the food served here has nutritional worth (officially, it does). This doesn’t mean it’ll kill you after eating it, no. Raven stated in the book that the worth of his food is the same of his competitors (America speaking); so it’ll slowly poison the body. The difference in taste or quality is not noticed. And the prices are cheap. :P


SNACKS: The first floor has two uses: reservations for the restaurant area of the other floors and selling supplies of potato chips, cheerios and more junk food. The difference with normal junk food is that they are really made of junk.

MEALS: The second floor can be accessed by elevator (that curiously doesn’t work for the third floor, only second and fourth). MEALS has the food that makes you fat (promoted as usual meals), not immediately, but, in the long range (which is unlikely to happen in game, unless someone wants plotting), people gains weight without eating anything to keep the system healthy. There are two areas in this floor. At the right, there is FAST MEALS, a fast food service with MEALSpizza, and MEALShamburgers, MEALSfries, etc. At the left, there is a restaurant that will serve a style of food according to the day of the week selected. That dish is also a MEAL.

CHOWS: The third floor can only be accessed by staircase and is the “Dietetic” area. Diet fads suggestions are given to those interested (obviously written by the notorious Dr. Sable) and the options to either join the nouvelle cuisine area at the right or the refined CHOWS restaurant at the left. The CHOWS food will follow a style like MEALS restaurant with dishes with a nutritional content roughly equivalent to that of a Sony Walkman. No matter how much your characters eat here, they’ll lose weight (if they eat too much for too long, also hair, skin tone, and vital signs ;P ).

LAST FLOOR: It’s Famine’s home.

The furniture, walls and tapestry within the building is all black (with silver combination): glasses, wood, plastic. There will be two giant, black scales in the interior of the entrance.

Menu: MEALS and CHOWS restaurants will have a style of cuisine per day. There could be special celebrations that merit a change, the Dr. is flexible, but this is the usual routine.

Monday: Italian Food.
Tuesday: French Food.
Wednesday: Arab Food.
Thursday: Oriental Flavors ( China, Japan, Thai, Korea).
Friday: Mexican Food.
Saturday: Cajun Food.
Sunday: Open menu. This Sunday is grilled meats various (fish, pork, cow, chicken, lamb, etc).